Worm, Strawberry, Blue: Every Full Moon Has a Name


Full Moon Calendar 2019

Here’s a rundown of probably the most widely recognized names for the full moon in the Northern Hemisphere, with substitute names in brackets, alongside the dates they were shown up in 2019. 

Jan. 21: Wolf Moon (Old Moon, Moon After Yule) 

At the point when January’s frosty hold grasps the land, hungry wolves wander looking for prey. Their forlorn yells move the name of this moon. 

Feb. 19: Snow Moon (Hunger Moon) 

In North America, this is a blanketed and bone-chilling month. It’s likewise a lean time when nourishment is elusive in nature. 

March 20: Worm Moon (Crow Moon, Sap Moon) 

As February’s profound freeze yields, March twists warm the land, and worms start to stir from their winter sleep. 

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